Vintage Bridge

Welcome to at Notebook Witch is the URL for Bridget Eileen’s archive website, which was retired in 2019.

As I revamp my online presence, please bear with me! However you got here, I have suggestions on how to help you get to where you intend to be. Thanks for your interest in my work!


How Did You Get Here?

Redirect from An Arts Notebook

If you got here from a redirect on Bridget Eileen’s arts and culture blog, “An Arts Notebook” you can hit the “back” button in your browser to return to the previous page.

If there was a link on the blog post that got you here, and you’re really into wanting to follow the link, copy the link, paste it in your browser, change “vintage-bridge” to “anartsnotebook” in the URL, then hit enter and you’ll be redirected to the intended link. (Wow, thanks for doing all that work!)

If you are redirected here from an old link from elsewhere, here are the most popular posts at An Arts Notebook, to (maybe) help get you where you want to be. (This list is hilariously and wildly variant in topic, by the way):

Business Cards

If you got here via the 750+ business cards and business card broadsides I distributed between 2017-2021, I created this page to make sure that anyone who is here at Notebook Witch via can access all my latest endeavors and social media. My current websites, blogs, and social media accounts are listed below.

Websites and Blogs

Social Media

Find Bridget Eileen on social media, mainly Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr (yes, Tumblr; ye olden internette!), and Pinterest…Sometimes on some other platforms as well: