Which Witch?

Modern Pagan Unitarian Universalist Solitary Eclectic Witch

I describe myself as a a modern pagan Unitarian Universalist solitary eclectic witch. What does that mean? Truly, there’s no standard definition when it comes to witchcraft, witchery, and modern paganism/ neopaganism. In fact, its lack of dogmatic definition is the appeal for many (in contrast to the Abrahamic religions).

But when it comes to this earth-based spiritual practice I dedicate myself to, I know what *I* mean by it, so here is a break down…

Modern Pagan Unitarian Universalist Solitary Eclectic Witch

  • Modern Pagan = earth-based spiritual practice. My holidays come from the seasons and their midpoints (sabbats), as well as the phases of the moon (esbats). Each is an observation and celebration of the Earth and its relation to the Sun and the moon, respectively.
  • Unitarian Universalist = Unitarian Universalism recognizes and honors modern pagan traditions and welcomes modern pagans and witches to their churches. There is even an organization within UU for modern pagans, witches and earth-based spiritual practioners, called CUUPS, the Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans. As a solitary witch, I appreciate having a congregation to go to each with to meditate in a community with other like-minded people.
  • Solitary Witch = one who doesn’t belong to any formal organization, including a coven
  • Eclectic Witch = one who doesn’t follow a set practice of witchcraft or witchery. An eclectic witch takes up a mix of what feels right to them when it comes to witchcraft and other open spiritual practices. I add the term “open” because one should take care not to appropriate a closed practice.
  • Witch = some witches are atheist, others are Christian, some areligious,¬†some just spiritual (that’s me), but–to my mind–in all cases, being a witch means to practice a craft of intention and intuition, that is part hereditary, part individual, part intellectual, and based on the natural world and the wonders in it. It is not so much a religion as a practice.

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