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Pride and Prejudice and Pride

Spring 2024 Boston Austen Book Club Meeting

Sunday, Jun 30, 2024 at 2pm via WebEx – Just As You Are by Camille Kellogg

Spring 2024 BABC Meeting Details

Join us for our special Pride Month Boston Austen Book Club Spring 2024 Meeting, which we’re calling “Pride & Prejudice …& PRIDE!”

We will meet via Webex at 2pm on Sunday, June 30 to discuss Camille Kellogg’s book Just As You Are.

As always, new members are welcome. All you have to do to join is read the book and come to the meeting to discuss it.


About Just As You Are

From Goodreads:

Equal parts witty and steamy, this debut rom-com brings a healthy dose of queerness and a whole lot of heart to a Pride and Prejudice -inspired enemies to lovers romance.

The only thing worse than hating your boss? Being attracted to her.

Liz Baker and her three roommates work at the Nether Fields, a queer magazine in New York that’s on the verge of shutting down—until it’s bought at the last minute by two wealthy lesbians. Liz knows she’s lucky to still have a paycheck but it’s hard to feel grateful with minority investor Daria Fitzgerald slashing budgets, cancelling bagel Fridays, and password protecting the color printer to prevent “frivolous use.” When Liz overhears Daria scoffing at her listicles, she knows that it’s only a matter of time before her impulsive mouth gets herself fired.

But as Liz and Daria wind up having to spend more and more time together, Liz starts to see a softer side to Daria—she’s funny, thoughtful, and likes the way Liz’s gender presentation varies between butch and femme. Despite the evidence that Liz can’t trust her, it’s hard to keep hating Daria—and even harder to resist the chemistry between them.

This page-turning, sexy, and delightfully funny rom-com celebrates queer culture, chosen family, and falling in love against your better judgment.

We are so excited to have our first ever Pride-inpired title, and look forward to making this a tradition each June!

Upcoming Boston Austen Book Club events for 2024

Here’s the (still somewhat tentative) plans…more details to come!

  • CONFIRMED: Spring 2024 – Sun, Jun 30 at 2pm – “Pride & Prejudice & Pride” Event: Just As You Are by Camille Kellogg, via Webex
  • High Tea Special In-Person Event (Make up for Summer 2023) – Sun, Aug 18 at 1pm – 19th Amendment Celebration; “A Vindication for the Rights of Women” by Mary Wollstonecraft, at Jolie Tea Room in Salem ($36 per person plus tax and tip)
  • Summer 2024 – Sun, Sep 15 at 2pm – Discussion: Screen Adaptations, via Webex
  • Fall 2024 – Oct 20 at 2pm – Murder in Highbury by Vanessa Kelly, via Webex
  • Winter 2024 – Sun, Dec 15 at 2pm – Jane Austen 249th Birthday Bash; Devoney Looser, “The Making of Jane Austen” via Webex

Looking forward to seeing those of you who can make these meetings!

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