Notebook Witch

a collection of notes on witchcraft and witchery by Bridget Eileen

What is Notebook Witch?

We live in a remarkable time in which more and more witches feel safe “coming out of the broom closet” (to turn a phrase). With a proliferation of resources on witchcraft, it’s hard to keep track of what’s out there and what’s good.

Notebook Witch is a blog dedicated to exploring, curating, and explaining the resources available in the realm of witchery.

I also discuss my personal spiritual practice as a “solitary eclectic modern pagan witch” and what being a witch means to me throughout a typical day, month, or season.

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Which witch?

Hi! I am Bridget Eileen. I live in Rhode Island. I am a writer. And I describe myself as a modern pagan Unitarian Universalist solitary eclectic witch from Rhode Island.

What does that whole mouthful even mean? I explain each bit–and a lot more about my spiritual practice and identity–at the “Which Witch?” page.

Besides blogging on witchcraft, I also do other writerly and literary stuff. Find links to these endeavors under the “Bridget Eileen” tab on this website and the Literary Arts category on the blog.

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Take me to the blog!

Notebook Witch is an online grimoire-plus-commonplace book, of sorts.

At the Notebook Witch blog, I have posts about my spiritual practice, and witchcraft and witchery at large.

Post topics vary from book reviews to thoughts on spirituality and social justice–and how the two things are intrinsically linked, to my mind. Or things like recipes for homemade air freshener using moon water; how to incorporate witchcraft into every-day living; places to visit for witchy tourism, like Salem and New Orleans, and lots lots lots more!

The Notebook Witch blog is growing slowly as I try to fit in posts during an absurdly busy time period. But stay tuned as the blog grows, and be sure to follow NotebookWitch on social media, and TheNotebookWitch on Instagram, for weekly content.

Read on for the blog posts.

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