Notebook Witch: Notes on Witchcraft and Witchery

Notebook Witch by Bridget Eileen is a blog dedicated to exploring witchcraft, paganism/neopaganism, and other earth-based spiritual practices.

I spend a lot of time thinking about this spiritual path and practice of mine, and I do a lot of collecting and curating on the subject of witchcraft and witchery. That is why I have decided to dedicate a website and blog on it.

Notebook Witch is an online notebook of all the books, shops, sites, social media, objects, altars, practices, art, poetry, people, experiences, etc etc that I encounter and consider relevant to my spiritual practice as a Solitary Eclectic Pantheist Neopagan Witch.

This site is currently in “soft launch” mode, but you can follow my accounts on social media as the blog gets built.

More to come! I’m excited for this new venture!!!

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