Notebook Witch: Notes on Witchcraft and Witchery

Notebook Witch by Bridget Eileen is a blog dedicated to exploring witchcraft, paganism/modern paganism, and other earth-based spiritual practices.

Notebook Witch is an online grimoire-plus-commonplace book. It is a digital notebook, so to speak, where I post about all of the books, shops, sites, social media, objects, altars, practices, art, poetry, literature, people, events, experiences, etc etc that I encounter and consider relevant to my spiritual practice as a Solitary Eclectic Unitarian Universalist Modern Pagan Notebook Witch.

We live in a remarkable time in which more and more witches feel safe “coming out of the broom closet” (to turn a phrase). With a proliferation of resources on witchcraft, it’s hard to keep track of what’s out there and what’s good.

Notebook Witch is a blog dedicated to exploring, curating, and explaining the resources available in the realm of witchery.

I also discuss my personal spiritual practice as a “solitary eclectic Unitarian Universalist modern pagan notebook witch” and what being a witch means to me throughout a typical day, month, or season.

Because writing and literature mean so much to as a person, naturally what I read and write informs my spiritual practice and is informed by my spiritual practice. That’s why I call myself a notebook witch, and that is why I also blog about my literary endeavors as part of the NotebookWitch.com website.

The blog is currently in “soft launch” mode, but you can follow my accounts on social media as add more content to the blog. My hope is to have regular posts on a weekly basis, once I am able to settle into schedule. I’m excited for this new venture!!!

Notebook Witch by Bridget Eileen

This website is also the “hub” for information about many of my other interests besides things that are obviously related to witchcraft. On this site, I have my bio page; links to my now-retired old blogs; information about the literary clubs I run and other literary and artistic endeavors of mine; and contact information.

See the pages under “Bridget Eileen” at the drop down menu in the top right corner of any page of NotebookWitch.com for more details.

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