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The Pumped Up Cabaret

The Most Epic Playlist Featuring All Up-Tempo Music

Songs from Around the Globe in Multiple Genres Featuring Popular Music from 1940s to Present Day

Please note: this playlist has content that is marked with the naughty [E] so it has some swears

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With these four hundred and fifty-nine songs from around the globe and from the past 75+ years, it feels like I have weaved a spell of sorts. A spell of energizing sounds to motivate me to power through the drudgery of work-a-day life.. The music has kept me energized during arduous days at the library. (As tends to be the case for me at the end of every semester at the college where I work, since I am in charge of course evaluations, which occur at the end, naturally.)

Why 459 Songs?

Nine is my favorite number. This list kept growing. And so I decided to stop at 459 since is a very 9-y number. That’s why.

How Did I Find All These Songs?

That’s the other excellent part of compiling this playlist: gathering suggestions. I have many stories to share. I think I’ll be adding those stories in the future, when I do my deeper commentary on each “act” of the playlist.

This Playlist Is Organized by Theme – I Call Them “Acts”

Of course, anyone is welcome to put this thing on shuffle, but I have put a silly amount of time making this playlist into a kind of caberet show with mulitple acts. (Speaking of Caberet, I did try to add some from that musical, as well as Fiddler on the Roof, but songs from musicals just didn’t fit well in the mix. Alas.)

The Pumped Up Caberet – An Epic Playlist in Multiple Acts

This section is “under construction” and I’ll be adding more in the future.

Here are the “acts” of The Pumped Up Caberet:

  1. Dinner and a Show
  2. Cuckoo Time
  3. Directions for You
  4. Land of a 1000 Dances
    • Na Na Na Ja Ya Ya
    • Genres
    • Dance on Film
    • Just Dance
  5. When?
    • Day
    • Night
    • It’s Gonna Be MAY
    • Time
    • Evening
  6. Wanna
  7. Lurrrrrve
  8. Around the World Around the World Around the World Around the World
    • International
    • Murica
    • Tear the Fascists Down
    • Freedom
    • International Instrumental Interlude
    • Travel
    • Outta This World
  9. Pronouns
    • I Demand Satisfaction
  10. Late Stage Capitalism
  11. Body Parts
    • Hands, Arms, Feet
    • Follower of Fashion
    • To the Eyes
    • To the Lips
    • Internal stuff (heart, DNA)
    • Hair
    • Hips
    • Bums
    • Erm…”snakes”
  12. The Menagerie
    • The Other Woman
    • Moving On
    • The Newly Single Lady’s Rumshpringa
    • So Hot
    • Reveling in the Power of Exorcising Fools
  14. Everybody Chill Out
  15. Women, Men, and Other Gender Expressions
    • Dream Interlude
    • Mums Rule
  16. Title Town
  18. Brown Chicken Brown Cow (Ssssssssssssexy Tihhhhme)
  19. Higher and Higher
  20. Easter Eggs
    • Here is where I really hit you over the head with all the songs from Ted Lasso episodes that have been sprinkled throughout this playlist up to now
  21. Finale
    • No Regerts
    • This Isn’t the Final Song
    • PUMP IT UP – my favorite up-tempo song ever, by Elvis Costello
a clearly photoshopped picture of Denzel Washington's face, wearing a skeptical expression, over the body of Arnold Schwarzeneggar posing as Conan the Barbarian. This body like Arnold with the Denzel face is in the foreground of a sidwalk on Venice Beach. In the background is another clearly photoshopped image of the three members of Salt N Pepa in mid 90s fashion in various poses, and they seem to be "checking out" the Arnold-Denzel amalgam.
“A body like Arnold with a Denzel face”
-Salt N Pepa