Activist Witch

Juneteenth 2023

Meme with tumbled stones in border background, "Wouldn't it be nice if we knew what stone repelled racism? Protected you from sexist projections? I am tired of every crytal being able to "heal bad vibes and invoke your angel ancestors." Which stones invoke your pissed off ancestors and help you overthrow fascism?"
Meme from SubRosa Magick

I felt this meme would be good to post for today’s holiday, #Juneteenth 🖤❤️💛💚

For me, the spiritual is the political, so to speak. My spiritual practice as a modern pagan Unitarian Universalist solitary eclectic witch is intrinsically tied to my firm belief in equality, equity, and justice for everyone, especially minoritized groups.

I put energy into fighting for those things through volunteer work, and at my paid job doing whatever I can to promote the equity agenda there. And I also do so in my spiritual practice, however I can.

Which brings me to this meme. For me, I don’t think of crystals as wielding power as if in a fantasy story. I think of them as tools to help evoke in oneself the capacity to do what one sets their mind to. In that case, a plain old selenite wand, or clear quartz, touched as I toil away on paid and volunteer work for those thing I mentioned working on, is a crystal for helping promote equity and justice.